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    commented on Contact Us 2017-10-08 12:42:00 -0400
    I realize you have an opportunity debate topics on October 19th forum but in the interim, I would like to interview each of you a part of my digital video project at Millburn High School and to partner with MHS’s online tv station. This will hopefully be in high-quality footage and you will be able to attain an individual copy of your segment.

    I am looking for your commitment to a short 2-3 minute interview at your leisure. I will send the list of broad-based questions that I will ask in the next couple of days.

    Let me know what you think.


    Jamie Serruto
    commented on Contact Us 2015-09-30 11:54:35 -0400
    We’re sponsoring a candidates’ forum on October 22nd at the Ed Center. We’d like to have you aboard. Please contact me to confirm. Thanks!
    commented on Contact Us 2015-09-28 20:33:45 -0400
    What is Dianne’s position on the plans for the AAA radiopharmaceutical facility on Willow Street?